Sexual illusion just is the sex of _ of the agent that urge affection with best male net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of psychological _ adjacent

Be in at ordinary times in the life, the cerebra of everybody is in movement, when the job in stopping a helper, when the cerebra that lets oneself is loosened, the longest those who appear is sexual illusion, this is a kind of very normal psychology reaction, almost everybody can appear. Sexual illusion and sexual dream are similar, can mirror a male to yearn for mostSexual love, can ease the pressure that the desire brings likewise.

Orgasm of neighbor doctor net

In the illusion, people always appears him as central character, in sexual illusion as much such. The object in sexual illusion can be familiar person, or the character in drawing, novel, also may be ambiguous and mobile dummy person. This kind of sex is imagined constant everlasting, the sexual experience that goes with the individual is concerned.

Sexual illusion can become a kind of sexual excitement, as if philtre of a kind of psychology, because this is common at masturbation and the circumstance that when making love, will arouse sexual happy climax. If make love when insufficient to sexual spouse satisfaction (the) of husband and wife that is united in wedlock like reluctance, often pass an illusion (imagination and the lover that admire additionally make love) just can reach sexual happy climax. This is many in the homosexual see, absolutely model the person that queer becomes wife or marital illusion the same sex only, meeting acquired character satisfies ability. The sexual illusion object when queer masturbates also is a same sex.

The content that normally the gender imagines is given priority to with pursueing happy sexual activity, but the illusion is raped or also the small number of people can suffer a gender to mistreat.

Look from depth psychology angle, the likelihood has two kinds of explanations:

① is subconscious the attack instinct inside and sexual illusion union rise, if directivity object, if point to oneself to form the illusion that suffers a gender to mistreat,form the airy; that mistreats sexual object.

② depresses thought influence to fall in traditional sex, the woman often can exist to sexual behavior ashamed or Babylon feeling, if imagine in sexual illusion oneself are active and willing pursuitSexual life, can cause ego compunctious or angst; becomes psychological defense mechanism through turning over look look at this moment, the illusion is become be forced the rape behavior at oneself, can allow oneself to enjoy sexual pleasure already, can find the reason that differentiate sees for oneself again.

Sexual illusion basically does not have what disadvantage, it can make male sexual desire more exuberant, but, if too indulge sexual illusion, can give the job and life to bring very big inconvenience.

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