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Knot legitimate child, this is the thing that everybody should experience. Marriage is a kind of responsibility, it is people affective a home to return to, marital occurrence let the heart of people find ideal to get place of live away from home. But, do not know from when to rise, present male fears the person of marriage increasing, their great majority dare not face up to marital existence. Those who face family and friend is urgent, they always are with all sorts of reason prevaricate decline, so, be what psychology brings about the male to appear those who fear marriage phenomenon?

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One, the career is too busy, talk about love without time almost.

Very much successful man is bachelor of so called gold, the woman is not lacked beside them, it is they escape marriage all the time only, because they are too busy. The domain of the career and domain are ceaseless and outspread, they are almost so busy that they talk about love without time. The man with overweight enterprise may do not have conjugal plan. Calculate them to want to marry, also can look for the associate on a career, they just have such word collective topic. And, want to become the partner of successful man or career man, want to be able to aid man a helping hand above all, at least the obstacle that this spouse should not become territory of his dilate career.

  2, value a heart to experience too too, hold an illusion to marriage.

Some men too too care to be experienced with the heart that values an individual, hold some kind of illusion to marriage, such man was full of to marriage escape. After all, marriage is very trivial issue. After the encircle a city that steps marriage when you, your eye institute reachs the mediocre and unambitious years that all is fuel and so on. More what is more,the rather that, you are returned so that preparation and another person photograph defend all one’s life. If this spouse is not the person that you love sincerely, so loath and patchy marriage is destined to be able to let a person feel anguish and kink. So, value the man that individual heart experiences too too to those, was full of resentment to marriage mostly. Value the man that individual heart experiences too too, lack mostly to other in part include, and marital itself needs each other to include, will have no way out otherwise.

3, dye-in-the-wood not marriage creed person, advocate freedom and independence.

Some men escape marriage, very main reason is he sees freedom and independence importantly all the more, even more important than life. alleged, marriage sincere commendable, love price is higher. If be free reason, both all can cast. Some men itself is one dye-in-the-wood not marriage creed person, in their life dictionary, have love only, without marriage. What they can enjoy love to the top of one’s bent is melting with freedom, but they cannot bear however marital responsibility and trifling. Man itself grows not big child namely, also had said in newest film with respect to Lian Jiangwen, he is a child only nevertheless. In emotional respect, the man cannot mature possibly truly forever. This also is a when the man escapes marriage very main reason.

The life of everybody has terminus eventually, why to look for person photograph not in time to accompany. For the male that fears marriage psychology to those existence, the front of as soon as possible handles marital issue, the scared ability that casts off a heart is crucial. Do not want to baffle temporarily because of oneself, make oneself regretful and lifelong.

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