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In the understanding of young men and women, a few contraceptive methods are can rightSexual lifeThose who cause an effect, so very much young men and women is not willing to use groovy contraceptive measure in sexual life, the safety that chooses opposite risk however period contraceptive method, very much nevertheless female to how pushing his safety period is very not clear, figure safety period means is very simple actually.

Why should determine the woman is safe period

Modern woman, have particularly much use safety period contraceptive method to achieve contraceptive curative effect. The woman is safe period test key is to determine feminine oviposit date. Menstruation and oviposit show periodic change, both between having close relationship, if grasped both metabolic pattern, can determine through indirect way oviposit date.

Calendar law determines the woman is safe period

Menstrual cycle of the woman has long have short, but oviposit day and next time menstruation begins the time interval between to be secured quite, control in 14 days commonly. According to this kind of relation between oviposit and menstruation, can come by menstrual cycle computative oviposit period.

Computative method is from next time menstruation will the 1st day wet calculate case, reciprocal 14 day or subtract 14 days are oviposit day, after oviposit is mixed before reaching its 5 days day 4 days add in call oviposit period. This is the academic basis of safety period contraception. Mix besides menses oviposit period, the time of the others all is safety period.

Computative oviposit period will determine the woman is safe period

With this kind of woman safety period tests idea computative oviposit period, want to know the accident of menstrual cycle above all, just can push cipher out next time menstruation will begin date and oviposit wetly period, can apply to the woman with menstrual all along normal cycle only so.

Because irregular to menstrual cycle woman cannot push cipher out next time menstruation comes current date. Reason also cannot computative mix to oviposit day oviposit period.

Use fundamental temperature law to determine the woman is safe period

Measure fundamental temperature to be able to know oviposit date of the woman, can use safety period to use contraceptive thereby. Fundamental temperature is to show human body awakes after longer Morpheus, the temperature that has not make measure before any activities.

Normally the fundamental temperature of Yo age woman and menstrual cycle are same, show periodic change. Change of this kind of temperature and oviposit are concerned. Below normal circumstance, the woman is in the fundamental temperature before oviposit is inferior, oviposit hind is elevatory.

Record the fundamental temperature that measures everyday on sheet of record of a piece of temperature, become a curve repeatedly, before can seeing period half period temperature is inferior, menstrual second half period temperature rises, before this is planted low hind tall temperature curve calls curve of double photograph temperature, express ovarian have oviposit, and before oviposit happens in temperature to rise commonly or by low to tall in ascendant process.

Although very much young men and women is willing to use safety period,this kind of method uses contraceptive, but should knowing this kind of method uses contraceptive is very insecure, use contraceptive very easily failure does not suggest young men and women uses this kind of contraceptive measure so.

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