4 of man strong kidney practical methods – 1 – flies China bisexual

Introduction: &Nbsp;
Since had ” other in part ” , although oneself are cautious, it is much that common problem returns the department of gynaecology of a lot of females rise, and ” other in part ” there is unwell time rarely however on his body. What reason is this after all? Actually the answer of the problem is probable on his what accompany intimately with you body. When making love carelessly individual sanitation also can make body of the other side uncomfortable, cause a series of disease then.

One individual body is hale, with kidney lose by force about. When cold winter comes, human body needs to enough energy and quantity of heat are defended with drive, if weak empty, because of,meet ” firepower is insufficient ” , aching and limp of genu of occurrence dizziness, flustered, be discouraged, waist, lack of power, pee incontinent or the symptom such as anuria, this is kidney deficiency of yang. Still some people have a deficit as a result of the body fluid inside body little, moist, immerse is raised wait for action to drop, clinical expression is body pharynx of dry of aching and limp of genu of angular, waist, swimmy tinnitus, mouth cheekbone of dry, hectic fever red, night sweat, pee weak point is yellow etc, this is kidney deficiency of yin with irritability.

The method of empty of the correct that raise kidney is very much. If bask more, feed quantity of heat to be mixed high more the food of this world of lukewarm filling kidney, choose the drug that takes filling kidney, etc. But from ” life depends on motion ” the basic theory of this one preserve one’s health sets out, raise kidney correct empty through motion, it is the positive step that is worth to advocate. Here, the introduction conduces to the athletic method that theory of the correct that raise kidney learns easily simply again a few kinds.

One, tea of filling kidney of Chinese traditional medicine:

Raw material: Glossy ganoderma of hill lubricious valley bead of 8-10 of 5 grams, medlar, black tea 2 grams.

Practice: frowsty bubble of boiled water of 3 kinds of raw material 2- – 5 minutes or so, can edible, put raw material only everyday, develop bubble repeatedly till water colorless insipidity.

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