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   The male arrived adolescence, a certain morning awakes can discover crotch is wet sticky is burnt, thinking is enuresis, actually this isSeminal emissionPhenomenon. Seminal emission is normal? Seminal emissionIt is the male the physiology phenomenon that development period appears surely, short ofSeminal emissionFrequent, create the body unwell, belong to groovy limits. What is the reason of adolescent seminal emission? What is seminal emission?

   AdolescenceSeminal emissionCircumstance:
   1, after the male enters adolescence, begin spermary from 15 years old or soSpermatozoonGeneration, once begin,spermary spermatozoon happens, can keep old age. Middleaged later, the generation capacity of spermatozoon drops gradually, but never stop. The sperm that spermary produces stores temporarily above all in epididymis and seminiferous duct. Because the raw energy process of spermary is constant, store area was full of spermatozoon very quickly, and of spermatozoon superfluous it is periodic normally.
   2, when often sleeping, discover suddenlyThe penisGave ropy liquid, awake in the morning seeBriefsOr bedding is damp. Generally speaking, the boy 1 ~2 of every month seminal emission second, sometimes slightly a few over, it is normal physiology phenomenon. Of young manFor the first timeSeminal emission is one of marks with mature sex.

   3, the first time the worry may behave the mentality that seminal emission circumstance creates to the boy to be not stabilized for the mood, includeNervous, the complex mood such as bashful, bemused, fear, partial boy may feel anxiety.
   The reason of adolescent seminal emission:
   Spermatozoon is phenomenon of a kind of physiology too much, so not strange. Generally speaking, every other a few months or every 1-2 week are normal. But frequent seminal emission, it is sexual impulse happens in slippery film instantly even, it is the expression with sexual excessive and fatigue centre, often cause. Want to avoid to accept sexual excitement as far as possible conciously only, abstemious sex is actuation, centre letting a gender gets rest adequately more for long, seminal emission phenomenon can get ameliorative gradually.

   Adolescent schoolboy notes individual figure quite, be concerned about face-saving, parents gives them what seminal emission, must notice circumstance and pattern, to children the explanation is in science and proper way, must communicate at many o’clock at ordinary times with the child, child heart of adolescence is sensitive, parents wants to understand them truly, you must choose carefully, handle the other side like the friend with the child.

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