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Does darling cough how does total bad mom do?

2017-03-23 09:31:06

Darling cough is for secretion of eduction respiratory tract or eyewinker and made airframe defence reflexes a movement. Change character, darling cough protects phenomenon of his a kind of physiology namely actually. Do mom see here feels appreciably relaxes heart nod? Darling cough is too acuteness the influence arrived Morpheus and rest even food, be a kind of natural reaction no longer so, mom should consider what cause as a result of some kind of reason, should be aimed at cough suit the remedy to the case, is not make judgement with respect to blind!

The commonnest cough that causes for respiratory tract infection, catch a cold namely the cough that cause; Still have common at 3 years old the darling of less than suffers from on bronchitic belong to acute the upper respiratory tract to contract a disease, and cause a reason to be in mostly spring; Because guttural mucous membrane is uncomfortable,also have some of baby, laryngeal is scratchy, stimulate darling cough thereby, often can compare intense. What still have a foreign body is inspiratory with countercurrent sex esophagus phlogistic also can cause darling to cough.

So and how should be mom done?

1, darling cough can hold him in the arms rise, touch back, flap gently. If darling has fallen asleep, but with too tall upper part of the body side lies, let darling control side to sleep alternant, those who be helpful for respiratory tract secretion eliminate.

2, the fill in hot-water bottle is full the hot water of 40 Celsius, had wrapped with towel, apply Yu Baobao is upper and the position that stands by lung, be aimed at windward occurrence cold is inchoate the symptom is relatively effective.

3, the food that avoids to eat fat, raw or cold food during darling coughs, with delicate give priority to; Eat fresh vegetables and fruits more.

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