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5 method solve mother milk inadequacy

2017-04-14 15:29:10

The advantage that the mother breeds need not small made up me to reiterate, but the case that a lot of mom have mother milk to be not worth. Small today invent the idea that sums up a few to solve mother milk to be not worth to everybody, the mothers that have need take aim quickly!

1. dietotherapy

Respecting feeds therapeutics, a lot of people can think of ” the soup that urge breast ” . The soup that urge breast has very big effect really to issueing a grandma, but the opportunity that drinks boiling water of stimulate the secretion of milk is very important. General and postpartum it is the effect is best that the 3rd day drinks boiling water of stimulate the secretion of milk, drink soup of stimulate the secretion of milk prematurely to be able to make the grandma below mom too fast, but darling is fastfood still do not be over so much, can create waste, serious still can make mom’s breast bilges painful.

But also cannot pass to be drunk late, such meetings are brought about galactic those who come down is too late too little, cause milk insufficient. The common soup that urge breast has crucian carp fish to suckle egg of soup of soup, pig hoof soya bean, fermented glutinous rice to spend soup to wait a moment. At ordinary times the mom with insufficient milk can drink a bit milk everyday, eat vegetable fruit more.

The method of 2. lactation wants correct

Mother milk is insufficient, besides concern with oneself element, the methodological pose that still follows him lactation is concerned. Nurse at ordinary times, must notice both sides breast wants to feed, because feed the breast that can bring about across at the same time to do not have enough stimulation only, cannot secrete enough milk so.

If baby is too little, appetite still is not very large, cannot both sides of give attention to two or morethings, also can eat only so at the same time, across is OK breast pump of have the aid of is stimulated to it. Every time darling is satiate drink sufficient later must suck with the milk in breast pump breast empty, conduce to the exudation with smoother milk so.

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