Spring darling prevents suffer from excessive internal heat to take the world of cate of _ of 3 kinds of dish more

Spring darling prevents suffer from excessive internal heat to take 3 kinds of course more

2017-02-20 17:43:40

Spring air is dry, darling is easy suffer from excessive internal heat, answer daily many darling eat a few can fall igneous vegetable, for instance bean sprouts, spinach.

1. spinach

Spinach has liver of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, easy to raise the action such as blood, it is the vegetable that suits to raise liver most in spring, and stomach of spinach benefit Yu Chang, conduce to human body discharging poison,

Recommend recipe: Spinach mud

Will pick the spinach with good clean pan to use boiled water scald ripe, the agitate in putting mixer becomes mud can.

Sweet clew: Spinach contains more oxalic acid, form oxalic acid calcium with calcic union, can affect the human body absorption to calcium, shui Chao uses spinach before doing spinach the major oxalic acid inside meeting purify spinach.

2. gram bud

Gram bud has the effect of dehumidify of clear hot detoxify, diuresis, comfortable heal up does the crowd edible such as gall of bare of glow of thirsty, pee, constipation, eye. Soya bean bud be good at lienal raise liver, conduce to precautionary quarrel agnail.

Recommend recipe: Soup of bean sprouts cutlet

Gram bud is abluent; Cutlet uses egg white, unripe smoke, cooking wine, unripe pink catchs divide evenly souse 2 hours with the hand; Hot pot cold oil issues cutlet to slip quickly fry be born to fleshy segment, in filling a bowl stand-by; The stockpot puts clear water conflagration to be burned, issue gram bud and pig cutlet, big baked wheaten cake leaves, add salt to flavor can.

3. leek

Leek is the vegetable that raises this world, spring climate changes in temperature is differ, can eat more a few, and the taste that has leek to still can enhance human body more, also have profit to liver function.

Recommend recipe: Leek pig red soup

Leek is washed clean cut paragraph, the pig is red cut small scald water; Jiang Xi is patted completely broken, enter moment of boiler small fry, boil into 4 bowls of water, to Shang Se a bit white; Join a pig red, thoroughly cook fully; Put leek, boil a minute; Join salt, pepper flavors can.

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