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Pregnant woman filling iron enrichs the blood, give these 10 food!

2017-03-31 17:19:43

After be pregnant, many pregnant woman have anaemic symptom, severe anemia can endanger fetal health, so filling iron enrichs the blood is the homework that pregnant woman does surely. So what does the food that pregnant woman filling iron enrichs the blood have? Introduce 10 kinds of food that suit pregnant woman filling iron to enrich the blood for you today, pregnant woman must advertent!

Pregnant woman is easier anaemic reason

After be pregnant, you increase apparently to the demand of iron element. Iron is the woof of production haemoglobin, the red blood cell that contains haemoglobin can carry oxygen to the other cell of your body. During be pregnant, the haemal quantity inside your body can increase near 50 % . Accordingly, you need more iron to be additional addition haemal amount synthesizes haemoglobin. Additional, you still need one part iron to satisfy the darling in development and placental need.

But, major female is pregnant to did not store in the begining enough iron, will satisfy the body to need the addition of the quantity to iron. Arrived especially pregnant metaphase and pregnant are terminal, when the haemoglobin that you need should be made in pregnant woman body without enough iron, with respect to symptom of meeting occurrence anaemia.

If you attribute the following kinds of situations, more incidental anaemia: Pregnancy vomiting is more serious, frequent; Around is pregnant twice removed time is short; Of the bosom is twin or much afterbirth embryo; Iron is lacked in diet; The menstrual haemorrhage capacity before be pregnant is more.

The food that pregnant woman filling iron enrichs the blood

1, day lily

The amount that contain iron is the largest, more familiar than everybody spinach is 20 times taller, still contain vitamin A, B1, C, the nutriment such as protein has diuresis and effect of be good at stomach. The nutrient composition of day lily is healthy to human body especially fetal growth is more good, because this can serve as the health food of pregnant woman.

2, black rice

Black rice has gymnastical warm stomach, bright eye invigorate the circulation of blood, bowel of clear liver embellish, essence of slippery wet beneficial, the effect such as muscle of filling lung delay; Can be used as medicine board, to disease of tinnitus of aching and limp of genu of dazed dazzled, anaemic white hair, waist, moon blindness, curative effect You Jia. Long-term edible but prolong life. Accordingly, people common says: “Medical rice ” , ” macrobian rice ” . Because it is the most comfortable,wait at pregnant woman, puerpera enrich the blood with, say again ” lunar rice ” , ” enrich the blood rice ” etc.

3, lean lean

The liver of lean lean, animal animal sex food that contains iron to abound, among them iron is absorbed very easily by human body, use, pregnant woman eats animal blood, liver twice every week, yao Yuansheng enrichs the blood at eating big jujube.

4, pumpkin

Be by recognition of garden of Chenxiu of cure of clear acting name ” the fine quality goods that enrich the blood ” pumpkin, contain a lot ofplant sex protein, carotene, vitamin, indispensible and amino acid, calcic, zinc, iron, cobaltic, phosphor is waited a moment, among them, cobalt is form vitamin B12 one of important part, the erythrocyte in can helping blood is run normally; Zinc can affect the function of mature erythrocyte directly; Iron pledges the basic microelement that is production haemoglobin is fed, all is the admirable nutriment that enrich the blood.

5, longan flesh

Longan flesh namely longan flesh, every have fresh longan to appear on the market to the summer. Longan contains the A of the vitamin, b, dextrose and cane sugar, and provide rich iron to pledge. Longan soup, the food such as longan wine, quite recommend pregnant woman and puerpera edible, be quite of beautiful enrich the blood arrange.

6, the turnip works

Qualitative content of vitamin B, iron is very high, it is food of advanced preserve one’s health, already salty Ju Shuang, taste do not have a kind of local color.

7, grape

The grape contains rich calcium, phosphor and iron, and a variety of vitamins and amino acid, it is senile, woman, body weak anaemia person with excessive exhaustion person nourishing beautiful is tasted; Pregnant woman also suggests OK and great edible, not only beneficial to fetal nutrition, also can make pregnant woman complexion ruddy, hematic arteries and veins is expedite. If cannot buy a grape sometimes, eating currant also is pretty good!

8, black soya bean

Our country all along thinks to eat a beans beneficial, especially black soya bean is OK hair of heart’s-blood, black. Of black soya bean eat a law to follow each one, pregnant woman can cook black chicken with Wu Dou.

9, carrot

Red turnip, japanese calls ginseng, contain vitamin B, C, and contain a kind of special nutriment — , carotene. Carotene is extremely beneficial to enriching the blood, boil boiling water with carrot so, it is very good enrich the blood soup drink.

10, spinach

It is famous enrich the blood food, chalybeate carotene is quite rich, can be enrich the blood the important food in vegetable. But when eating must float. Rich folic acid is contained in spinach, accurate mom complement is helpful for the health of fetal darling.

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