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Heart disease ” dietotherapy preserve one’s health square “

2012-02-07 13:52:52

In daily life, if think baby your heart, the following ” dietotherapy preserve one’s health square ” consult for you:

1, ﹚ of chop of ﹙ of chicken of the root of red-rooted salvia

Move amiable blood, improve circular medicinal material: The root of red-rooted salvia 12 grams, the root of herbaceous peony 12 grams, angelica 12 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 6 grams, virgin soil 12 grams, licorice 3 grams, tuckahoe 10 grams of 10 grams, white , the root-tuber of aromatic turmeric 3 grams, tangerine 3 grams, fruit of citron or trifoliate orange 3 grams, cassia twig is 9 grams, red jujube 5, after be being boiled, pour soup juice into another boiler, continue to heat after boiling, join chicken, boil frowzily to chicken squashy, join right amount rice wine, salt, boiling can.

2, tea of a surname chrysanthemum

Medlar 10 grams, chrysanthemum 3 grams, unripe hawkthorn piece 15 grams, careless definitely bright 15 grams, suit the patient with adipose and exorbitant blood, can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee shape.

3, longan jujube benevolence tea

Tuckahoe 10 grams, longan flesh 15 grams, wild jujube benevolence 30 grams, boil boiling water in all, go after broken bits, join tremella 30 grams, rock candy is right amount, suit mind inquietude, morpheus not beautiful, rhythm of the heart is not whole, limb is small swollen patient.

4, drink of unripe arteries and veins

Dangshen 12 grams, mai Mendong 12 grams, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 6 grams, suit to enrage shade the patient of two empty, show palpitation, the mouth does glossal dry, glossal Gong Shaojin.

5, ginseng congee

Ginseng end 3 grams, rice 60 grams, boil congee, suit lung to enrage insufficient patient, show a bosom to cover tightly, breathe asthma hurried, be discouraged spirit is tired, lazy Yan Yin is low.

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