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Hempen officinal value

2012-02-07 13:53:56

BigHemp calls fire hemp again, seminal name Ma Ren. Belong to hempen division annual herbaceous. Spend individual plant of different of male and female. Male flower foreword is conic shape, renown Ma Bo. Female flower order is brief, globose or spic shape, renown hemp Cao. The seed slants egg form, ” of Ma Ren of appellative ” fire, for the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine commonly used medicine. Hemp is fried ripe for edible. Female flower foreword or crudely fruit spic namely hemp Cao Gong is officinal.

≯ of be ignorant of of ≮ cate sex

Ma Ren: ? Pull up of  of the sword that save ⑵ uses up B purlin? laborious, smooth, poisonous.

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Tip of branch of marijuana of female individual plant contains the hempen colophony of brown semisolid, have 3 kinds of wet goods among them, namely: ? Lap Ju imprints ⒋ lap Ju oh oneself retreat? of Ju of lap of difficult Taoist sacrificial ceremony in addition Shang Han has Ba Jian of naphtha, choline, calabash to wait. The seed contains crab of protein, adipose oil, vitamin B2, lecithin, plant mellow, calcic, magnesium and dextrose aldehydic acid.

≯ of ≮ cate effect

Ma Renrun the five internal organs, benefit large intestine knot of wind heat, dry. For medicine of alleviation embellish bowel, apply to chronic constipation. Hemp fizzles out is a kind of hemp acerbity medicine, have composed, relieve a cough, smooth asthma action.

All over a body to wander sexual wind is painful (include nerve slight illness) :

Hemp Kui bakes dry grinds delicate last stage, if billiards is big,refine honey is bolus (weigh 6 grams) about, every time 1 bolus, send with lukewarm yellow rice or millet wine take (notice dosage, it is in order to get effective degree, cannot excessive, lest toxic) .

Condyle wind is ill, cannot move:

Marijuana benevolence wine, take one cannikin every time, a day of 2~3 second, this but right amount hold the post of drink, with half-cocked to spend (does marijuana benevolence wine make law: ? Lap Jin?00 is overcome, at the pan in water, choose its heavy water person, insolation, slow fire is fried to sweet ripe, grind extremely fine, immerse in right amount yellow rice or millet wine, wine summary tower above at medicine 1 – it is 2 inches degree, add next lukewarm, brace up shake, 7 in the future, filter all right again, go pitted carapace broken bits, can) .

Pain or numbness caused by cold of old person wind, oedema abdomen is big, constipation:

Feed pitted benevolence congee, take marijuana benevolence namely 250 grams, bruise, the filtration that add water takes juice, mix rice two close () of about 250 grams, the gruel that boil, add touch of green, any of several hot spice plants again, take hollowly.

Old person, children and puerpera big constipation written guarantee:

Igneous Ma Ren 15 grams (children) of 6 one 9 grams, fry sweet grind end, rice water is harmonic, take below. If defecate does not fall, take again the following day, so that connect,be degree.

Asthmatic, convulsion sex coughs:

Dissect of hempen branch tip, make cigarette, ignite smoke its cigarette, have the effect that presses down Jing, smooth asthma.

Epileptic, neurosis, hysteria:

Hemp Kui 12~15 is overcome, water simmer in water is taken, can accentuate appropriately dosage, it is in order to get effective degree.

Itching of dermatosis of skin chap etc:

Unripe hemp pound is like mud, with gauze wrap up, carbonado heat is wiped have a department, a day of 3-4 second.

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