Fatty liver patient often can take the world of cate of _ of 8 kinds of food

Fatty liver patient often can eat 8 kinds of food

2016-09-19 13:24:08

Fatty liver is a kind diffuse commonly sexual liver is ill, can make like can seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment its changeover! The food of fatty liver patient is attached most importance to especially should, recommend 8 kinds to conduce to fall the food of fat.

Onion: The Xi third that onion place contains 2 sulfide and sulfur amino acid, have antiseptic function not only, still can reduce fat of human body blood, prevent arteriosclerosis; Can activation the active part of fibrin, prevent the thrombus inside blood-vessel effectively form; Prostate element A also has better step-down effect to human body.

Kelp: Kelp contains rich bovine sulphur acid, can reduce the cholesterol in blood and bravery sweat; Food fiber brown alga is acerbity, can restrain the absorption of cholesterol, promote its to excrete.

Oaten: Oaten contain extremely rich linoleic acid and rich black glucoside element, can reduce acid of serum bravery solid, triglyceride.

Sweet potato: Sweet potato can counteract body internal cause to cross much edible carnivorous and egg kind what produce defend much acid, maintain balance of human body soda acid. Sweet potato contains more cellulose, can absorb the more moisture in gastric bowel, lubricant enteron, have aperient effect, can bowel inside outside body of eduction of overmuch adipose, candy, toxin, rise to fall fat action.

Garlic: Garlic contains the mixture of sulfide, can reduce the cholesterol in blood, prevent thrombosis, conduce to add content of high density lipoprotein.

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