Soup of health care of autumn preserve one’s health is tasted — the world of cate of _ of soup of lean lean of prince ginseng lily

Soup of health care of autumn preserve one’s health is tasted — soup of lean lean of prince ginseng lily

2016-09-29 16:08:57

Autumn drawing near, weather turns gradually cool. Whenever autumn comes, the person of cough always is there are plenty of such people. Today, arrange a medicinal food Shang Pin that treats cough only for everybody, of need close people still not Get rises! !


Prince enters boiling water of lily lean lean

The main raw material of soup of prince ginseng lean lean is prince ginseng and thin pork. Prince joins thin broth strictly speaking to be a cordial, suit weakling of a lot of bodies fully especially, of course the weak and sick old person with a few older age also fits edible very much. Prince joins a kind be ginseng, and the effect of ginseng and action everybody knows, that is to belong to the content that fills greatly, and can help a person enrich the blood particularly raise spirit, and as among them prince ginseng, also be the effect that has this side.

With prince ginseng comparing rises, thin pork wants a lot of more inferior, it besides give people edible besides, and those who contain is adipose less, other do not have what action. But thin pork in actual life is more welcome still, because,this basically is present person the account that not very takes fat. Next prince introduce to enter lean lean boiling water in detail below.

1, with makings:

Prince joins 100 grams, lily 50 grams, arhat fruit half, pig lean lean 150 grams.

2, make a way:

Pig lean lean former piece abluent, fruit of prince ginseng, lily, arhat is abluent, put bowl inside, add clear water right amount, high heat is boiled after boiling, put lean lean, change slow fire Bao 1, 2 hours, flavor edible.

3, function:

Dry of distinct benefit lung, beneficial lung promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Suit dry of lung of deficiency of vital energy, cough drink of thirst of asthma be discouraged, mouth, hot and dry hurt lung and the person that cough pharynx works is drinkable.

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