Winter is entered fill to drink the world of cate of _ of congee of 5 kinds of nourishing preserve one’s health more

Winter is entered fill to drink congee of 5 kinds of nourishing preserve one’s health more

2016-10-13 13:26:34

After the Beginning of Winter, mean winter to begin formally. Wood withered, hibernate bug dormancy, incline to of activity of everythings on earth is silent. Be airframe enters the inning that fill right now. In cold weather, eat the food of beneficial of a few lukewarm vulcanize more, not only can strong body, still can have very good drive cold effect. We see congee of 5 preserve one’s health together below:

1, sweet oar congee

Rice 50 grams are abluent with fresh soya-bean milk 500 grams boil congee together, add white sugar touch, can offer food of morning and evening tepid take feed. Soja has wide in beneficial is angry, benefit large intestine, the effect that moist skins, the nutrient value of soya-bean milk is more rich, digest easily absorb.
Outside the effect that this congee removes skin having profit, long to body empty the disease such as cough, constipation also has fine effect.

2, sweet potato congee

Take sweet potato 100 grams are abluent cut small, with rice 150 grams and right amount water boil congee together, make edible of eat of morning and evening.
Sweet potato is the beautiful vegetable that people often eats. ” detailed outline gleaning ” carry, sweet potato but ” in filling, with blood, fat the five internal organs ” . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the lienal blood that it is gas biochemical source, can whitewash Shui Gu the unripe blood that it is gas, alimentary Rong Run is facial skin, make a person radiant. This congee is occupied its be good at taste, the result of amiable blood, will achieve the result of color of embellish skin Yue.

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